Monday, January 9, 2012

So how was 2011?

Let's check my unrealistic plans against dire reality:
  • 1x 8c+ - 100%
  •  5x 8c and harder - 120%
  •  15x 8b+ and harder - 66.67%
  •  50x 8a and harder - 60%
  •  8a+ OS - 0%
  •  Two weeks of climbing holiday (outside French Riviera) - 25%
And details:

  • I did QTLMDLF in October (with a bit of luck). Fifth Czech climber with confirmed 8c+, my the hardest send ever. You could check the details here.
  •  I did six, one 8c+ and five 8c. There are some sends I am particularly proud of, La sorciere (because it is THE line and first repeat), Last soul sacrifice (because I did it on last possible try inspired by Muriel) and 7PM JP show (because of elegance and fluidity I managed to show in it).
  •  Just ten, not enough luck here. I missed Patate d'or, Ultimate doom and all that stuff like Honk and Karoshi.
  •  Only 30, I spent too much time on hard routes and recovering from injury.
  •  I have to admit that I have not even tried.
  •  I attempted to do one week in Ceüse, it just did not work with the injury. But it is not my fault!!!I had to take care of some friends coming here for climbing.

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