Thursday, December 22, 2011

Epic failure

I am happy to announce that I am complete looser and despite significant effort I did not manage to send El Sangliero Fiero.
Where? There are three caves above medieval village of Gréolières, the leftmost one is called Delicarepi. In it you could find triad of hard routes, "Free camping is not a crime" to the right, "Zumozol" in the middle and "El sangliero fiero" to the left, all of those around 8c.
What? The route was set (and chipped) by Axel Franco in 2003 (???). It is maybe twelve meters short, around twenty one moves, forty five degrees overhang, quite artificial, requiring explosive strength and significant endurance. I am aware of just one repeat (Cedric LoPicollo).
When? I checked it for first time in spring 2011 when belaying Guigui in Zumozol. I did the moves, but never progressed further. I came back after sending 7PM JP Show and I have spent end of November/start of December on it. It was quite close, fell twice from the last move on the very last day, but...
See you next time, bastard :-)
Run in November (c) Aleš Urbanec