Monday, November 14, 2011

How did I become a guinea pig

Last week I was contacted by research and development specialist from Lanex, company producing Tendon ropes. For those who do not know that, the factory is located at Bolatice, small village close to my home town Ostrava. I still remember when I took the bike and rode there to buy my very first rope.
The mission is to put 3000 meters of climbing on their new rope, lower end 9.8. First impression is really good, handling is on par with top end models, let's see the durability.
I created small log to follow the test.


  1. hey petr super star,
    for your statistics to be acurate you should change my weight from 70 to 68!
    what do the styles RP, AF and PP stand for? red point, ...?

  2. Tu es trop fin :-)
    AF = tu as tombé
    PP = tu n'as pas tombé