Thursday, August 2, 2012

When the training is over

 I do promise that even though the storm training is over, I am not going to fly away. Today (2 Aug 2012) I finished my training period for this year by two sessions on pinch board. It was quite tough to train three times a day between Monday and Thursday, but now I feel stronger than ever before.
  So how was the standard week?
  • Monday - three times in gym, doing bench press, front levers and wighted one arm pull ups
  • Tuesday - three sessions of finger strength training, alternating pinch board, campus board and bouldering
  • Wednesday - repeat Monday
  • Thursday - repeat Tuesday
  Now it is time to try to use what I gained in strength on mu project all around the Alpes Maritimes. Anybody wants to try Abyss?
© Roman Bayon

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