Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My secret weapon

  When trying LMDLF last year I clearly suffered from the lack of finger strength. So if I want to stop being soft mover and progress a bit towards a hard climbing, I need some kind of breakthrough. SOP would be methodical workout on fingerboard, but I am not used to do the things in standard way. So here comes highly innovative completely novel quite surprising never before heard of "PINCH BOARD" ©®patent pending.

Idea is simple. Significant portion of my projects is heavily  biased towards pinching, so specific training might be of significant help here. See pictures to give you the idea of construction.

It consist of piece of plywood and ten furniture legs (bought in Castorama, specialized climbing training equipment shop).
As for training method I settled on dead hangs, warm up followed  by ten series with three minute rests.

Progress so far was exceptionally fast, let's see how will it translate to rock climbing.

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  1. Hi Petr, Thanks for having posted the pics. Looks cool! Will consult you further before finalizing my own board(s). Seb