Friday, October 24, 2014

The mother of all frustrations

  Let's start with a quasi-philosophical rant. They say the on-sighting is the most mentally demanding facet of the sport climbing. To which I say "bollocks". There is nothing as frustrating as projecting for weeks and weeks while having the chain close to the reach. Each brings new disappointment and it goes on and on and on. It can continue for years! Meanwhile in on-sight, you know the result after few minutes.
 And that's exactly what happened in Tango To Nik. I spent ten weeks already on the project, I was in really good shape, it was very very close and NOTHING. Meanwhile Max did it. Kev did it. Ced did PuntX. Seb did Super Tango.

  So finally on October 23rd all pieces fell together. It was cold and dry, I was calm and concentrated, the beta was fine-tuned, so I clipped the chain.

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