Thursday, August 7, 2014

Loosing an old friend

I always feel bad when sending the long standing project, it feels like loosing an old friend. Some weeks (months, years) you try hard, then you succeed, you clip the chain, scream a bit and it is gone, the past, it means nothing.
So the three years ago I did the two 8c composing the Ultimate Sacrifice. Two years ago I started to try it, spent the summer in the route and when I was almost there, it started to rain and tufas got soaking wet. I did Asai last October, so I retried Ultimate Sacrifice, fell twice just bellow the chain in an easy move and subsequently tore the intercostal muscle and retired for three months of the forced rest. Finally, I did it this year.
Ps.: I did first 8c pitch fifty three times. I though I would get to one hundred.
Pps.: The picture from the route is in the Tendon catalogue, page 8, (c) Roman Bayon.

Ppps.: Shoes I used:

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