Wednesday, October 23, 2013

bAnSAI! XXL! Happy ending?

12 Oct 2013, Saturday
Back in Gorges du Loup, trying to settle accounts with that bloody project of mine. First two tries are just pathetic, I am not even able to do the moves. Let's try once more, just for training. I do not really understand how, but miraculously I manage to fight through lower part and clip the first chain.
  Now concentrate and not to screw it up last time. Second pitch is really under control, first very long moves on reasonably sized holds, small roof, "easy" part on tufas, small rest, final boulder, be careful about feet placement, dyno to the side cut, pull like craze, last few moves and second chain.
  So here you go, second ascent of Asai XXL and my hardest ascent so far.
Asai, photo by Roman Bayon
Ps.: I was in the nick of the time. Two days latter the weather turned really bad.

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