Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peillon 06 revisited

After almost two years since magical autumn 2009 I've got another chance to spend few days in La Grotte. My new coach (the blond one) came to enjoy Riviera life, so we decided to try some projects together and spend few days in the Cave. Just two of us. Alone :-)
Projects were clearly defined, Docteur Buttman for me, Au bout du souffle for Helena. I tried it two years ago when belaying Blaise in Rue Gamma, but it got wet then.It is a boulder in huge roof with easy start before and good rest and endurance run-out after.
So what was the result? I did Docteur Buttman on second day of climbing, Kikkoman on third and Helena missed Au bout de souffle by millimeters. That's what I would call "time well spent".
Helena in her project

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