Sunday, January 23, 2011

What "improvement" is?

When somebody says (in climbing context) "I am improving", what exactly does it mean?
Hypothesis A: You are climbing routes in higher grade. Counterexample: You have just move to Nice.
Hypothesis B: You beat some strong guy nine times out of ten. Counterexample: Maybe he has just got a girlfriend.
Hypothesis C: You could send route in style you are completely unfamiliar with.
And that's exactly what I've just done, I sent Cornichon Explosif at Gréolières. Fifteen meters of hard slab climbing with frustrating morpho moves.
 Quentin in Free camping is not a crime.
Guigui trying Zumozol at Gréolières.
Monaco from Marche du Palais.
John sending L'homme faible du moment at Marche du Palais

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